Model Escorts in the UK for Your Outdoor Photo-shoot

To have the perfect photos, you require models that are confident, beautiful and stylish. Whether you are making a portfolio, a personal glamour, sensual photos or a personal portfolio, you need to hire experienced and fashionable models. At Dolls and Roses we have a team of professional and beautiful busty escorts. The ladies are bold and will help you in creating a sexy appearance in the photos you will take. The advantage of hiring an escort from Dolls and Roses is that they have killer figures, the kind every man wants to be seen with. Furthermore, they are not afraid to pull naughty stunts during a photo shoot.

Why hire Dolls and Roses model escorts for an outdoor photo shoot?

  • Beauty. As a photographer, you search for a model who is appealing and pretty. A lady who will capture the attention of spectators. At Dolls and Roses, our high class escorts are known all over the United Kingdom for their beauty and curvaceous body. Even though some of them have had enhancements done, you cannot easily notice it. The ladies have a natural sensual beauty that is appalling. They are busty, bootylicious and stunning. These requirements are all a photographer will need when searching for a model.
  • Experience. If you are a fashion photographer and desire to use the latest photographic techniques, look no further. Dolls and Roses models have mastered the latest poses and styles like glamour, pinup, burlesque, fashion and boudoir. The models have a unique sense of fashion that sets them apart from other agency’s escorts. You do not require training them as beginners because they are perfectionists and professional models.
  • Dolls and Roses escort agency is located at the heart of the United Kingdom. The elite escorts avail their services 24/7 to clients. An outdoor photo shoot requires the perfect weather and the best location. You may want to do the photo shoot at the beach, on a yacht, in a colorful garden or even in natural scenery away from the city life. To do this, you can book our finest models of your choice for the period of the photo shoot.
  • Affordability. Dolls and Roses offers the finest and most beautiful models who are highly rated for their skills, looks and appealing bodies. Their affordability varies according to the number of models you will need, the location of the photo shoot and the time you will take. See the best of the best amazing  mayfair escorts


You can hire the best models in the UK; daring, outgoing, beautiful, fashionable and with curvy bodies. You will never go wrong with Dolls and Roses.

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